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RM21 mln up in smoke due to cooking, wiring — Bomba

SIBU: Some 33 per cent or four of the 12 cases of longhouse fires reported in Sarawak for the first five months of this year resulted from cooking activities.

The Fire and Rescue Department’s (Bomba) state director Nor Hisham Mohammad thus reminded folk to take necessary precautions when cooking.

He added this was more so with preparations in kitchens going full throttle with the Gawai Dayak celebration just days away.

“Some RM21 million went up in smoke in the 12 cases of longhouse fire, involving 292 doors in the first five months of 2014.

“More precaution and alert is necessary. And everybody should be aware of any activity going on,” Nor Hisham told The Borneo Post.

He was asked on safety measures with the celebration nearing.

There were six cases due to electrical faults, recalled Nor Hisham who stressed that the village and security committee (JKKK) is critical in creating a heightened awareness among the residents.

He said JKKKs have to continuously dwell on the subject of fire safety.

Bomba had repeatedly reminded folk to ensure that cooking was not left unattended.

Housewives must stop cooking if they have to attend to urgent matters, it said.